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Sandpiper Realty gives tenants the ability to make repair requests online. In case of non-medical, property-related emergencies, please call us immediately at 239-289-6814 or 239-745-7885. If the issue involves a serious water leak, locate the main valve in your rental property and turn it to the off/closed position.

To better serve you, please make all non-emergency maintenance requests online.


Garbage disposal: Try the reset button- The button is small, usually red or black, and located on the bottom of the disposal unit under the sink. OR: Periodically, a disposal will jam and the blades need to be freed. Turn the disposal off at the fuse box and use a broomstick or the handle of a plunger to crank the blades free.

No Power to plug, switch or appliance:  Locate the breaker box and reset breaker.

Toilet or faucet leaks: Turn water off at valve on toilet, or fixture under sink and then notify us.

Air Conditioning/Heating System: If the entire system will not run, reset all circuit breakers. Then check all fuses in the main electrical panel. A lack of electrical power is a common cause of system failure for an air conditioning unit. If the system is cooling slower than normal, please change the air filter. If we send a technician and find a dirty air filter or a breaker to be the cause of the call, the invoice will be charged to you.

Shower drain or faucet clog: Remove any hair from drain. Use drain cleaner for hair that may be further down drain.

Toilet Clogged: First, try plunger. If still clogged, notify us.

Dishwasher wont drain/is not cleaning well: Clean out food or other blockage from drain at bottom of dishwasher. Rinse dishes before washing. Use jet dry or similar product once per month.

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