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Moving Out Instructions

Sandpiper Realty & Management wants their tenants to have a smooth transition when vacating one of the properties they manage.

These are the instructions for proper move out. We know you will have a lot to keep track of during this transition. We hope this move out information will make the process more clear and organized for you.

An inspection will be done only after all your personal property has been removed and you have cleaned the property. At that time,you need to take the keys to our office, along with your forwarding address. We consider you still living at the property until the keys are turned in. Rent will be charged until Sandpiper Realty & Management receives keys, fobs, garage/gate remotes, etc. do not leave keys at the property. You will not be able to re-enter the property once keys are turned in.It is our policy that we do not schedule final walk through appointments, as we will be doing our inspection once you have completely vacated the property and returned possession.

The better the condition of the property when you leave, the faster the deposit can be sent out.

The following cleaning requirements must be accomplished before vacating theproperty and the property should be left thoroughly cleaned. Consider using this checklistto ensure youve covered all of your responsibilities by checking off each as it is completed. Every item will be examined for completion when weinspect your unit at move-out.

Carpets and tile must be professionally cleaned upon vacating. Call Ericksons Carpet Cleaning at (239) 936-2929 to schedule your cleaning. Tell them you are a Sandpiper Realty and Management tenant, and you will receive their best price and they will also know that your carpet/tile is to be cleaned up to our strict standards.For those in Lee County, you may also choose to call City of Palms Carpet Care at 239-265-4280. If another company is used and carpets are not cleaned to our standards, you risk the chance of having the carpet/tile re-cleaned at your expense. As a reminder, if you have damaged the carpet beyond repair, the vendor may tell you this, at which time, you will need to call a carpet replacement company. Please keep in mind that your refund may take up to 30 days to be returned. Finally, there may be additional cleaning concerns that are specific to your rental home (and some on this checklist may not be present at your home) that may not be covered in this checklist, so be thorough.

Entire Dwelling:

    • Remove all of your belongings.
  • Repair any minor damage you have caused. If substantial, hire a professional to repair it.
  • Remove all garbage and clean trash receptacles. All trash must be removed from the premises.
  • The smoke alarms must be operational; replace batteries as necessary.
  • Clean fireplace, hearth, and mantle; remove ashes and debris.
  • Repair pet damage and treat for pests. All dead pests and pet odors must be removed.
  • All plumbing must be free of any blockages.
  • Leave ALL utilities on until your move-out inspection has been completed.

Windows, Glass and Patio Doors:

  • Clean all window and door channels and frames thoroughly. Pay attention to the corners.
  • Clean door screens and tracks.
  • Clean all interior and exterior window panes and glass doors and leave free of streaks and dirt.
  • Clean all mini and vertical blinds one by one. Clean all window sills and curtain rods. Clean all drapes and valances.
  • Replace broken or missing window panes and screens.
  • Replace all damaged or broken window coverings.


  • All vinyl, linoleum, laminates, and hardwood floors must be swept completely, cleaned, mopped, and free of dirt and grime.
  • DO NOT use bleach or ammonia based cleaners on laminate or hardwood floors, as these may cause damage to the floor.
  • Vacuum all carpeting in preparation for professional carpet cleaning.


  • Clean front door, inside and out.
  • Both sides of all doors, including closets, must be cleaned and free of any grease, grime, crayon or marker, scuffs or any other residue.
  • Remove all unauthorized bedroom locking door knobs.

Light Fixtures/Ceiling Fans:

  • Remove all globes, fixtures, etc. and clean both sides. Replace all broken globes.
  • Ensure that each fixture has the correct type of bulb in it; i.e. inset lights have flood light bulbs, dimming switches have dimmable bulbs, etc. Be sure to use the correct wattage and ensure all lights are operational.
  • Clean ceiling fan blades (both sides) as well as the mount on all fans.
  • Often dust has gathered by the fans and adheres to the ceiling. One of the easiest ways to clean this is to lightly sweep the ceiling with a broom.


    • Wash and spot scrub all walls and ceilings (except popcorn ceilings) to remove any grease, food spillage or splatter, mold or grime. All crayon and/or furniture marks must be removed as well.
    • Remove all nails, screws, staples, etc. Touch up paint. Please ensure a proper match. If the paint does not match, you will be charged for repainting the affected areas.
    • Clean the top of all baseboards.
    • Clean all wall switch plates and outlet covers. Electrical light and wall switch cover plates must be replaced if broken, stained, or missing.
  • Clean phone or TV wall plates, or replace if cracked, missing, or stained.

HVAC Unit and Vents:

  • Clean all vents.
  • Vacuum intake area around and under HVAC unit.
  • Replace the HVAC filter.

Water Heater/Washer & Dryer:

  • Wipe exterior portion of water heaters.
  • Wash down tops and sides of the washer and dryer. Wash inside washer lid and around soap dispenser. Clean dryer lint filter and the dust, hair, etc. around the filter area.


Stove/Range/Range Hood/Bottom of Microwave:

Self-Cleaning oven notes: Do not clean oven racks or other range accessories inside self-cleaning ovens. Do not use oven in self-cleaning ovens, as it will damage the interior surface.

  • Scrub all rims, ridges, and underside of hood to remove all grease, spatter and grime.
  • Clean stove top range hood.
  • Clean exhaust fan vent filter and light.
  • Clean all metal parts of burners, including prongs of electric cooking elements.
  • Replace drip pans, if applicable.
  • Remove lower drawer and clean under stove.
  • Clean control knobs. Any broken knobs must be replaced.
  • Wash and dry outside of stove.
  • The filter in the vent hood should be removed, washed, dried, and put back in place. Hint: put filter in the dishwasher on normal cycle.
  • Clean inside of oven, oven racks (both sides), broiler pan, drawers.
  • Clean top and bottom edges of oven door.
  • Remove all oven cleaner residue or self-cleaner ash from interior of oven.
  • Clean under elements.
  • Pull freestanding electric ranges away from wall to clean the floor, wall and sides or range.
  • DO NOT attempt to pull gas ranges away from the wall  clean floor under gas ranges by removing drawer.


  • Clean racks, baskets, rollers, gaskets, door edges and walls so they are free of food particles and soap film.
  • Clean inside and outside of dishwasher. It should be empty, clean, and free of mildew. Additionally, the dishwasher door, including the rubber insulation strip, should be clean a free of mildew.


  • Remove all food from refrigerator and freezer.
  • Unplug while cleaning.
  • Clean inside and out with a disinfectant cleanser or warm water.
  • Clean both sides of shelves.
  • Clean butter, vegetable, meat and dairy storage compartments. All should be clean and free of mildew, dirt and grime.
  • Vacuum coils at back of refrigerator.
  • Clean folds in and under rubber seals on doors.
  • Pull away from wall and clean all exterior portions, including the top.
  • While appliance is pulled out, wipe the power cord, clean walls, sides of cabinets and sweep and mop floors thoroughly.

Cabinets and Drawers:

  • Shelves, drawers, turntables, and cutting boards must be completely free of food particles, grease, greasy or sticky substances, dirt, dust and hair.
  • Clean both sides of cabinet doors and drawer faces to remove grease specks, fingerprints, dried-on foods, etc.
  • Wash cabinets inside and out; wipe out drawers.
  • Clean and disinfect all countertops.

Sink and Surrounding Areas:

  • Garbage disposal should be in proper working order and free of food/garbage. With cold water running into the drain, turn disposal on to flush. Run baking soda through the disposal. Remove black rubber gasket and clean opening and gasket.
  • Clean sink, drain, chrome fixtures and pipes under sink.
  • Clean and shine sinks, faucets, handles.
  • Clean all backsplash areas to remove grease, dried on food, dust and cobwebs.
  • Clean all countertop areas, especially in corners.
  • Clean microwave, inside and out.



  • Scrub with disinfectant cleaner, removing all dirt and stains.
  • Clean top of toilet tank, toilet lid, seat (both sides), bowl and base.
  • Scrub toilet of all rust, lime, and scale inside and out.
  • If seat is stained beyond cleaning, or paint is flaking, replace seat.


  • Clean sink, drain, chrome fixtures, and pipes under sink.
  • Clean and shine sinks, faucets, handles.
  • Clean all vanity top areas, especially in corners.


  • Clean all mirrors so that they are streak, dust and dirt-free.
  • Clean all glass (e.g. shower doors).


  • Sweep and mop floor.
  • Clean the top of the baseboards.

Showers and Tubs:

  • Clean shower walls, bathtub interiors and shower doors meticulously to remove all dirt, soap scum, mold and hair. Bleach the grout. Shower doors and frames must be completely clean.
  • Do not remove shower rods from the unit. If the shower rod is not working properly, it should be replaced.

Vanities and Cabinets:

  • Clean medicine cabinet shelves and both sides of doors.
  • Clean the interior and exterior of all cabinets and drawers.
  • Replace all broken or missing bathroom towel racks and toilet paper holders.

Lights, Ceiling, Walls and Ventilation:

  • Clean vent fan cover.
  • In bathrooms with exposed bulbs, remove bulbs, clean and replace where needed.
  • Wash all walls and ceilings to remove mold, grease, or other particles.
  • Touch up paint if necessary. Please ensure a proper match. If the paint does not match, you will be charged for repainting the affected areas.


Depending upon the type of home (Condo, Single Family Home, Villa, etc.) that you rented from Sandpiper, some to the following may or may not be applicable.

    • Entire lawn must be neatly mowed and edged.
    • Trim/prune and weed around flowerbeds, shrubs, and fences.
    • Rake grass clippings.
    • Remove all trash and debris.
    • Any pet droppings are to be removed.
    • Repair any holes or other damage caused by pets.
    • Clean all exterior light fixtures and ensure they have working bulbs.


  • Patios, balconies, and storage closets must be swept and free of debris and trash. If they are severely dirty, pressure washing may be in order.
  • Entire driveway should be empty and swept and all stains should be removed.

Haul away all garbage. No trash should be left behind. Do not leave garbage, personal items or furniture at the curb.


  • Remove all items from the garage and/or shed or storage areas, including personal items, boxes, and debris, then sweep out.
  • Clean cobwebs from walls, ceilings, and corners.
  • Ensure any and all light fixtures are clean and have working bulbs.
  • Clean all light switch and outlet covers, shelving, and both sides of entry/exit doors.

Save yourself from a stress headache:
Hire a professional cleaning service.

Our experience has been that after the work and stress of moving out, tenants may be too tired to clean the house. We recommend considering a professional cleaning company. If you hire a professional cleaning service, you should provide them a list of what we expect and oversee and inspect their work. You are certainly free to choose any company or use our recommended company: While Youre Away Cleaning: Donna at 239-250-2414.

Good Luck with your move, and all the best in your future endeavors!

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