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Important Questions to Ask When Interviewing Management Companies:

  1. How long have you been managing property?
    Sandpipers Broker, Robin Hopper, has been managing property for nearly 20 years. Sandpiper did not just happen intoproperty management when the sales market went soft. Combined, our staff has over 50 years in the rental and management industry.
  2. What are your fees?
    Sandpiper charges a fee of one months rent at lease inception (if we procure the tenant) and a 7% per month management fee beginning the second month of the lease. This is the equivalent of just under 14.75%. If you ask us to begin to manage a property that already has a tenant in place, we charge only the 7%. Some companies charge as much as 20% or more for management. We also offer rental only service (without management) at a fee of one months rent (which is 8.33%). Seasonal rentals with property management are at a rate of 18%.
  3.  Do you have any type of set up fees?
    Sandpiper never charges set up fees. Some companies charge as much as $200 or more simply to take on the management of your property. That is no way to say thank you for beginning to do business!
  4. Do you charge a management fee if my property is vacant?
    If your property is vacant, there is no management fee due to Sandpiper.
  5. Do you charge lease preparation fees in addition to management fees?
    We never charge lease preparation fees to the owners of our managed properties.
  6.  Do you charge any extra fees when coordinating repairs?
    Sandpiper does not charge any extras beyond the normal monthly management fee. Some companies nickel and dime their owners just for making calls to set up maintenance repairs, or for direct deposit of rent proceeds.
  7. Do you have any annual fees?
    We have no annual fee. Many local companies charge $50 or more as an extra annual fee.

Also for your consideration:

Beware companies that say they manage your property, but have no contract outlining what they will do for this fee.

Beware companies that will not allow you to terminate your agreement with a short notice if you are unhappy.

Beware companies that charge everything up front. If you are not happy with their service, you have already paid and have less recourse.

Please call us today at 239-495-9000 to further discuss why we should be your choice for property management.